Andrew J. Midwood

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Stable isotopes are often utilized as intrinsic tracers to study the effects of human land uses on the structural and functional characteristics of ecosystems. Here, we illustrate how stable isotopes of H, C, and O have been utilized to document changes in ecosystem structure and function using a case study from a subtropical savanna ecosystem.(More)
In savanna parklands of southern Texas, patches of grassland and 'discrete clusters' of small trees and shrubs occur on sandy loam surface soils underlain by an argillic horizon (claypan) at 40 cm. Large trees and shrubs in 'groves' occur on deep (2 m) sandy loam soils without an argillic horizon. δ 2 H and δ 18 O of rainfall, groundwater, and soil and(More)
Copper is essential for healthy cellular functioning, but this heavy metal quickly becomes toxic when supply exceeds demand. Marine sediments receive widespread and increasing levels of copper contamination from antifouling paints owing to the 2008 global ban of organotin-based products. The toxicity of copper will increase in the coming years as seawater(More)
The carbon (C) sequestration potential of land-use practices is increasingly important. Trees sequester atmospheric C into biomass and above and belowground litter but may also prime the decomposition of soil organic matter (SOM). We compared the influence of Acer pseudoplatanus (Sycamore) and Larix x. europlepsis (Hybrid Larch) on soil C decomposition. We(More)
Root-respired δ13CO2 can be useful for exploring plant carbon allocation and root respiratory fractionation as well as for partitioning soil-surface CO2 emissions into plant root and soil organic matter (SOM) sources, a necessary measure for calculating the contribution of heterotrophic respiration of soil carbon to net ecosystem exchange. Root CO2 is(More)
The sustainability of forest ecosystems may be at stake especially in forests on base-poor soils due to reduced nutrient deposition and intensified silvicultural practices. Understanding nutrient availability and cycling is therefore essential to manage forest soil fertility. This study aims to assess in a beech plot Mg and Ca vertical transfer in soil and(More)
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