Andrew J. Koontz-Garboden

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This paper addresses the issue of what are possible and impossible word formation operations from a semantic perspective, exploring the idea originally due to Kiparsky (1982) that word formation operations “add but do not eliminate some element of meaning in a word.” I lay out what this idea would mean both model-theoretically and representationally,(More)
This paper discusses the effects of variation in the meaning of property concept terms (Dixon 1982) on the form of predicative and comparative constructions. We demonstrate the existence of two kinds of property concept lexeme, which differ systematically in how they participate in constructions expressing the truth conditions of property concept(More)
This paper provides a new perspective on the options available to languages for encoding directed motion events. Talmy (1985) introduces an influential two-way typology, proposing This Work Was Supported In Part By Nsf Small Grant For Exploratory Research Bcs-0004437 To Beth Levin. We Would Like To Thank JÜrgen Bohnemeyer, Marc Ettlinger, Itamar Francez,(More)
The phenomenon of vowel height harmony in Brazilian Portuguese (BP) has previously been considered under rule-based approaches (Lipski 1973, Harris 1974, Redenbarger 1978, Hancin 1991, and Wetzels 1991, 1995). Hancin (1991) argues that vowel height harmony in BP depends strongly on morphological factors. That is to say, morphological structure plays a(More)
audience members at the Madrid Events workshop in May, 2009 and two anonymous reviewers. " mh-madrid-final-truncated-formatted " — 2011/3/15 — 9:32 — page iv — #2 " mh-madrid-final-truncated-formatted " — 2011/3/15 — 9:32 — page v — #3 Contents 0.1 Introduction v 0.2 What compositionality means for the semantics of word formation vii 0.3 Property concepts(More)
s of LSA Plenary Addresses The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language David Crystal Romance Languages A Historical Introduction Ti Alkire Carol Rosen Middle Egyptian An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs James P. Allen The Cambridge History of the Romance Languages Volume 1: Structures Edited by Martin Maiden John Charles Smith Adam(More)