Andrew J. Kingsley

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We report here a synthetic route to bis(N,N'-aryl)-6-aminofulvene-2-aldimine (AFA) ligand systems, specifically Ph(2)-AFAH and Dip(2)-AFAH. The synthesis and structural characterization of a series of Cu(I) complexes [(Ph(2)-AFA)Cu(CNPh)(2)] (2), [(Ph(2)-AFA)Cu(CN(i)Pr)] (3), and [(Dip(2)-AFA)Cu(CN(i)Pr)] (4), from the reaction of the corresponding(More)
The organozinc fluorocarboxylates RZnO2CRf and RZnO2CRf·TMEDA, along with Zn(O2CRf)2·TMEDA (R = Me, Et; Rf = C2F5, C3F7) have been synthesized. The structures of EtZnO2C2F5 (5), EtZnO2C3F7 (7), EtZnO2C2F5·TMEDA (11), Zn(O2C2F5)2·TMEDA (13), along with products from the adventitious reaction with either O2 or H2O, Zn10Me4(OMe)4(O2CC2F5)12 (2),(More)
We report the synthesis and characterization of a family of cobalt(III) metal precursors, based around cyclopentadienyl and diazabutadiene ligands. The molecular structure of the complexes cyclopentadienyl-Cobalt(III)(N,N'-dicyclohexyl-diazabutadiene) (2c) and cyclopentadienyl-Cobalt(III)(N,N'-dimesityl-diazabutadiene) (2d) are described, as determined by(More)
The reaction of [(eta(5)-C(5)H(5))Cu(CNPh)] with phenyl-isocyanide results in an unprecedented double migratory insertion into two sp(2) C-H bonds of a eta(5)-coordinated cyclopentadienyl group, and formation of the 6-aminofulvene-2-aldimine complexes [(CNPh)Cu{kappa(2)-N,N-C(5)H(3)-1,2-(CHNPh)(2)}] and [(CNPh)(2)Cu{kappa(2)-N,N-C(5)H(3)-1,2-(CHNPh)(2)}],(More)
We report the synthesis and characterisation of a new family of copper(i) metal precursors based around alkoxy-N,N'-di-alkyl-ureate ligands, and their subsequent application in the production of pure copper thin films. The molecular structure of the complexes bis-copper(i)(methoxy-N,N'-di-isopropylureate) (1) and(More)
This paper focuses on the development of potential single source precursors for M-N-Si (M = Ti, Zr or Hf) thin films. The titanium, zirconium, and hafnium silylimides (Me(2)N)(2)MNSiR(1)R(2)R(3) [R(1) = R(2) = R(3) = Ph, M = Ti(1), Zr (2), Hf (3); R(1) = R(2) = R(3) = Et, M = Ti (4), Zr (5), Hf (6); R(1) = R(2) = Me, R(3) = (t)Bu, M = Ti (7), Zr (8), Hf(More)
We report the synthesis and characterization of a family of organometallic cobalt(I) metal precursors based around cyclopentadienyl and diene ligands. The molecular structures of the complexes cyclopentadienyl-cobalt(I) diolefin complexes are described, as determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. Thermogravimetric analysis and thermal(More)