Andrew J. Kingsley

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An easily synthesised Sn(II) bis(ureide) derivative is shown to be a single-source precursor for the aerosol-assisted CVD of SnO, providing unprecedented levels of oxidation state control at temperatures as low as 250 1C. Please check this proof carefully. Our staff will not read it in detail after you have returned it. Translation errors between(More)
The reaction of [(eta(5)-C(5)H(5))Cu(CNPh)] with phenyl-isocyanide results in an unprecedented double migratory insertion into two sp(2) C-H bonds of a eta(5)-coordinated cyclopentadienyl group, and formation of the 6-aminofulvene-2-aldimine complexes [(CNPh)Cu{kappa(2)-N,N-C(5)H(3)-1,2-(CHNPh)(2)}] and [(CNPh)(2)Cu{kappa(2)-N,N-C(5)H(3)-1,2-(CHNPh)(2)}],(More)
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