Andrew J. Kingsley

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We report here a synthetic route to bis(N,N'-aryl)-6-aminofulvene-2-aldimine (AFA) ligand systems, specifically Ph(2)-AFAH and Dip(2)-AFAH. The synthesis and structural characterization of a series of Cu(I) complexes [(Ph(2)-AFA)Cu(CNPh)(2)] (2), [(Ph(2)-AFA)Cu(CN(i)Pr)] (3), and [(Dip(2)-AFA)Cu(CN(i)Pr)] (4), from the reaction of the corresponding(More)
The organozinc fluorocarboxylates RZnO2CRf and RZnO2CRf·TMEDA, along with Zn(O2CRf)2·TMEDA (R = Me, Et; Rf = C2F5, C3F7) have been synthesized. The structures of EtZnO2C2F5 (5), EtZnO2C3F7 (7), EtZnO2C2F5·TMEDA (11), Zn(O2C2F5)2·TMEDA (13), along with products from the adventitious reaction with either O2 or H2O, Zn10Me4(OMe)4(O2CC2F5)12 (2),(More)
A series of multinuclear Copper(I) guanidinate complexes have been synthesized in a succession of reactions between CuCl and the lithium guanidinate systems Li{L} (L = Me(2)NC((i)PrN)(2) (1a), Me(2)NC(CyN)(2) (1b), Me(2)NC((t)BuN)(2)(1c), and Me(2)NC(DipN)(2) (2d) ((i)Pr = iso-propyl, Cy = cyclohexyl, (t)Bu = tert-butyl, and Dip = 2,6-disopropylphenyl) made(More)
We report the synthesis and characterisation of a new family of copper(i) metal precursors based around alkoxy-N,N'-di-alkyl-ureate ligands, and their subsequent application in the production of pure copper thin films. The molecular structure of the complexes bis-copper(i)(methoxy-N,N'-di-isopropylureate) (1) and(More)
We report the synthesis and characterization of a family of organometallic cobalt(I) metal precursors based around cyclopentadienyl and diene ligands. The molecular structures of the complexes cyclopentadienyl-cobalt(I) diolefin complexes are described, as determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. Thermogravimetric analysis and thermal(More)
In comparison to ITO films prepared by chemical solution deposition on bare substrates, the use of a ZnO buffer layer and Al2O3 barrier layer has been shown to have a significant effect on morphology, measured sheet resistance and therefore resistivity. In the case of quartz substrates, ITO resistivity decreased from 9.6 x 10(-3) ohms cm to 4.3 x 10(-3)(More)
We report the synthesis and characterization of a family of cobalt(III) metal precursors, based around cyclopentadienyl and diazabutadiene ligands. The molecular structure of the complexes cyclopentadienyl-Cobalt(III)(N,N'-dicyclohexyl-diazabutadiene) (2c) and cyclopentadienyl-Cobalt(III)(N,N'-dimesityl-diazabutadiene) (2d) are described, as determined by(More)
This paper focuses on the development of potential single source precursors for M-N-Si (M = Ti, Zr or Hf) thin films. The titanium, zirconium, and hafnium silylimides (Me(2)N)(2)MNSiR(1)R(2)R(3) [R(1) = R(2) = R(3) = Ph, M = Ti(1), Zr (2), Hf (3); R(1) = R(2) = R(3) = Et, M = Ti (4), Zr (5), Hf (6); R(1) = R(2) = Me, R(3) = (t)Bu, M = Ti (7), Zr (8), Hf(More)