Andrew J. Kaizer

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In order for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to be widely adopted in civilian airspace, they must be capable of safe, autonomous flight. The problem of collision avoidance in UAVs is discussed in its theoretical foundations, and an overview is given of the methods of collision avoidance and path planning most widely represented in the literature. The(More)
Machine-based tracking is a type of behavior that extracts information on a user's machine, which can then be used for fingerprinting, tracking, or profiling purposes. In this paper, we focus on JavaScript-oriented machine-based tracking as JavaScript is widely accessible in all browsers. We find that coarse features related to JavaScript access, cookie(More)
Recent distributed denial-of-service attacks on the Internet have been exploiting necessarily open protocols, such as DNS. The Spamhaus attack is one of the largest ever examples of such attacks. Although much research has been conducted to discuss how to mitigate these threats, little has been done to understand why open resolvers exist in the first place.(More)
A method is presented for the evaluation of crossover filters in a multiway loudspeaker system. A number of analog filters, designed by "hand" or with CAD tools, are potentials for use in a loudspeaker system. These different filters are real-time simulated by a digital audio signal processor, which permits flexible and accurate switching between different(More)
Users on today's Internet are subjected to a barrage of advertising and privacy concerning practices. However there is a gap in understanding the treatment of not-logged-in and logged-in users on websites. To address this gap in understanding, we create accounts and crawl 345 popular websites from 14 Alexa website categories while both not-logged-in and(More)
Ergonomics and accessibility in banking has been the subject of numerous discussions, and in this work proposed by the partnership of companies and NR TN Mobile Work Safety and Occupational Medicine, aimed to analyze the service box and propose the development of a project to the teller accessible account of both the legal aspects regarding the factors(More)
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