Andrew J. Hull

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A set of simplified boundary conditions for a flexible beam connected to a rigid body at one end and free at the other end is presented and applied to the case of a fluidconveying, fluid-immersed pipe. These boundary conditions represent an analytically tractable approximation to those of a submersible which uses a combination of jet action and flutter(More)
[1] We present a detailed case study of the plasma and fields measured by the Cluster spacecraft fleet at the high‐altitude auroral zone (∼3.5 RE) across the plasma sheet boundary layer and into the polar cap. This event, which occurred during quiet geomagnetic conditions (Kp = 1, AE = 50 nT), is of particular interest in that Cluster provides measurements(More)
[1] Large parallel electric fields (Ek > 10 mV/m) are sometimes observed with intense filamentary field-aligned currents (Jk > 10 mA/m 2 mapped to 100-km altitude) on transverse scales where kxc/wpe 1 above the auroral oval. The ratio of the transverse electric (Ex) and magnetic field (By) variations is approximately the local Alfvén speed and increases(More)
This paper is concerned with the potential for the detection and location of an artery containing a partial blockage by exploiting the space-time properties of the shear wave field in the surrounding elastic soft tissue. As a demonstration of feasibility, an array of piezoelectric film vibration sensors is placed on the free surface of a urethane mold that(More)
This paper derives and evaluates an analytical model of an insonified sonar window in contact with an array of Tonpilz transducers operating in receive mode. The window is fully elastic so that all wave components are present in the analysis. The output of the model is a transfer function of a transducer element output voltage divided by input pressure(More)
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