Andrew J Gavens

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This paper presents a method for two-way ultrasonic communication and power delivery through thick metallic enclosures without physical penetration. Acoustic-electric channels are implemented using a pair of coaxially aligned piezoelectric transducers having 25.4 mm diameters and 1 MHz nominal resonant frequencies, mounted on steel walls having lengths in(More)
Linear elastic fracture mechanics predicts that the fracture stress of precracked materials is dependent on the length of the initial crack tip radius of curvature, as supported by the Griffith and Inglis equations. In order to determine the applicability of these equations and the effects of other variables, tensile specimens of bovine tibia were produced(More)
The top and bottom of two sediment cores collected from an urban receiving basin in NW London, and stormwater samples from the attendant catchment, have been analysed for their hydrocarbon content. In surface sediments, basal sediments and stormwater, total aliphatic hydrocarbon levels are 445–690 µg g−1 dry wt., 43–224 µg g−1 and 0.36–1.10 mg l−1,(More)
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