Andrew J Duncan

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Fifty-nine patients who survived more than 30 days after lung transplantation (52 heart-lung, seven double lung, and two single lung) were studied for mortality and morbidity related to cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection. CMV infection developed in 32 patients (54%) and was more common in the preoperatively CMV seropositive group (95%) as compared with the(More)
Rejection remains a major obstacle to long-term success of pulmonary transplantation. Direct delivery of cyclosporine to lung allografts may produce better control of rejection by generating high intragraft concentrations of drug with decreased systemic delivery and toxicity. The efficacy of inhaled cyclosporine in preventing allograft rejection was(More)
OBJECTIVE As little is known about the impact of non-dialysis-dependent renal dysfunction on short- and mid-term outcomes following coronary surgery we have conducted a large multi-centre study comparing patients with no history of renal dysfunction to those with preoperative renal dysfunction. METHODS Data was prospectively collected on 19,625(More)
A series of 204 consecutive patients with acute lower limb ischaemia was treated over a 5-year period in a Regional Vascular Unit. The mean age was 70 years, with a range of 41-98 and a female to male ratio of 1:0.94. Eighty-eight percent were treated by operation. Twenty-one had simultaneous vascular reconstructive procedures. Fifty-three patients died(More)
A series of 61 patients with acute upper limb ischaemia treated over a 5-year period is analysed and compared with patients presenting with acute lower limb ischaemia during the same period. The mean age was 74 years with a female to male ratio of 2.2:1. Eighty-two per cent were treated by operation. Three patients died and no survivors required a major or(More)
The efficacy of local delivery of aerosol cyclosporine (CsA) for prevention of lung rejection was compared with the intramuscular route (IM) in a fully allogeneic rat model (BN/LEW) of lung transplantation (LTx). Control rats (group 1, n = 6) received no CsA after LTx. Rats in group 2 (n = 10) received 4 doses of CsA in olive oil (25 mg/kg) intramuscularly(More)
Surgical audit data for two 5-year periods (1974-78 and 1983-87) have been compared in a Health Board Area to assess the impact of centralization of emergency vascular services on the treatment of the acutely ischaemic lower limb. Patient populations in each period were comparable. Mortality rates remained constant in both periods at approximately 30 per(More)
The non-invasive method of blood pressure measurement is regarded as a safe procedure and the reports of any serious complications are rare. We report a unique case of extensive skin necrosis due to an intermittently inflating blood pressure cuff in a 65-year-old critically ill lady following a third time redo mitral valve surgery. A brief review of the(More)
We report on the successful surgical resection of a mediastinal malignant triton tumor of the vagus, an exceedingly rare tumor in this location. Malignant triton tumor is a subtype of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors, in which the characteristic histologic finding is of rhabdomyoblastic differentiation among schwannoma cells. A 35-year-old man with(More)