Andrew J. David

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Chronic gastroesophageal reflux disease was diagnosed in a 22-year-old female Tennessee Walking Horse that had signs of bruxism and ptyalism. Esophageal ulceration was detected via endoscopy. Compared with the damage to the proximal portions of the esophagus, the severity of the ulceration increased toward the gastroesophageal junction. Esophageal(More)
ABSTRACT Epicuticular wax on needles was evaluated for its influence on Cronartium ribicola infection of resistant and susceptible selections of Pinus strobus. Environmental scanning electron microscopy comparisons revealed that needles from a resistant selection of eastern white pine, P327, had a significantly higher percentage of stomata that were(More)
In order to characterize a hypersensitive-like reaction in selected Pinus strobus seedlings to Cronartium ribicola, a proteomic comparison of needles from resistant and susceptible seedlings was undertaken using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE). The results revealed 19 polypeptides specific to resistant seedlings and seven of these specific to(More)
Values of about 0.005-0.01 per cent were obtained for the absorption in fed hamsters of plutonium ingested as Pu4+ citrate, isocitrate, phytate and malate complexes and Pu3+ ascorbate compared with about 0.003-0.004 per cent for Pu4+ nitrate. Replacing drinking water with tea did not affect the result for Pu4+ nitrate. Fasting hamsters for 8 h before the(More)
Winkles (Littorina littorea) and mussels (Mytilus edulis) collected on the Cumbrian coast contain americium-241 and isotopes of plutonium discharged from the nuclear-fuel reprocessing plant at Sellafield. Shellfish have been fed to rats and measurements made of the gastrointestinal absorption of the actinides. For shellfish collected over a 1-year period(More)
A 5-year-old female spayed Labrador Retriever dog was referred to the Louisiana State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for treatment of pneumothorax. Thoracic radiographs and computed tomography showed spontaneous pneumothorax, thoracic lymphadenopathy, pulmonary hypertension, and multifocal pulmonary bulla lesions. At surgery, numerous adult(More)