Andrew J Capraro

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Psychophysical thresholds for the detection of vibration on the thenar eminence were measured as a function of stimulus frequency. As has been found in earlier studies, the threshold functions had two separate branches: one relatively flat branch at low frequencies and a U-shaped branch at higher frequencies. When the rigid surround which is used to confine(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Few studies have demonstrated improvement in adherence to Pediatric Advanced Life Support guidelines for severe sepsis and septic shock. We sought to improve adherence to national guidelines for children with septic shock in a pediatric emergency department with poor guideline adherence. METHODS Prospective cohort study of(More)
The degree to which the sensation magnitude of a vibrotactile stimulus is enhanced by a prior stimulus was studied for vibration of the thenar eminence of the right hand. Enhancement was measured by a psychophysical matching procedure in which two brief stimuli separated by a variable time interval were presented to the skin and the subject adjusted a third(More)
UNLABELLED Although sport-related concussion is a common injury, it is infrequently associated with seizure. While concussive convulsions, consisting of brief, generalized myoclonic activity while an athlete is unconscious have been described, the authors are aware of no published cases of concussion complicated by focal motor seizures. The authors describe(More)
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