Andrew J Brewer

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All diversity indices are functions of the vector of the numbers of individuals in different species in a statistical population. So they are also functions of the number of species. It is well known, from the species-area curve and from collector's curves, that the number of species is a function of sampling effort. The rarefaction and Coleman functions(More)
The importance of the first letter of a word as a cue for the rest of the word was explored in a tachistoscopic presentation of four letter English words to the two hemispheres. The positioning of words presented bilaterally and the frequency of the words were manipulated so that the role of the first letter could be examined. The results indicate that the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To describe the design of an ongoing anticoagulation certificate program and annual renewal update for pharmacists. EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY AND SETTING Components of the anticoagulation certificate program include home study, pre- and posttest, live sessions, case discussions with evaluation and presentation, an implementation plan,(More)
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