Andrew J. Bennett

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Significant opioid-dependent changes occur during the fourth postnatal week in supraspinal sites (rostroventral medulla [RVM], periaqueductal grey [PAG]) that are involved in the descending control of spinal excitability via the dorsal horn (DH). Here we report developmentally regulated changes in the opioidergic signalling within the PAG and DH, which(More)
  • Devi Rani Sagar, Lydia E Staniaszek, Bright N Okine, Stephen Woodhams, Leonie M Norris, Richard G Pearson +7 others
  • 2010
OBJECTIVE To investigate the impact of an experimental model of osteoarthritis (OA) on spinal nociceptive processing and the role of the inhibitory endocannabinoid system in regulating sensory processing at the spinal level. METHODS Experimental OA was induced in rats by intraarticular injection of sodium mono-iodoacetate (MIA), and the development of(More)
We describe the application of a performance engineering methodology based on UML diagrams with annotations taken from the Profile for Schedulability, Performance and Time. The methodology targets the early stages of the development process and works exclusively with system scenarios. These scenarios are mechanically translated into the stochastic process(More)
We present a performance engineering methodology based upon the construction and solution of performance models generated mechanically from UML sequence diagrams, annotated using the UML Profile for Schedulability, Performance and Time (SPT). The target platform for the performance analysis is the Labelled Transition System Analyser (LTSA) tool which(More)
We present an analytical model of a cache coherent shared-memory multi-processor and compare the results obtained with those from an execution-driven simulation of the same system. Our objective is to evaluate the accuracy of analytical models of this type of system, and in particular to identify the principal sources of error in the modelling of the(More)
Parallel graph reduction is a model for parallel program execution in which shared-memory is used under a strict access regime with single assignment and blocking reads. We outline the design of an ee-cient and accurate multiprocessor simulation scheme and the results of a simulation study of the performance of a suite of benchmark programs operating under(More)
Parallel functional programs based on the graph reduction execution model display considerable locality of reference, favouring the use of large cache lines in the implementation of the shared heap on a shared-memory multiprocessor. They also display a very high rate of synchronisation, making conventional weakly-consistent coherency protocols ineeective at(More)
BACKGROUND Increased subchondral bone turnover may contribute to pain in osteoarthritis (OA). OBJECTIVES To investigate the analgesic potential of a modified version of osteoprotegerin (osteoprotegerin-Fc (OPG-Fc)) in the monosodium iodoacetate (MIA) model of OA pain. METHODS Male Sprague Dawley rats (140-260 g) were treated with either OPG-Fc (3 mg/kg,(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical studies of osteoarthritis (OA) suggest central sensitization may contribute to the chronic pain experienced. This preclinical study used the monosodium iodoacetate (MIA) model of OA joint pain to investigate the potential contribution of spinal sensitization, in particular spinal glial cell activation, to pain behaviour in this model.(More)
Some shared-memory applications have execution times linear in the number of processors due to unfortunate allocation of the home and ownership of cache lines. We present a modiied coherency protocol which avoids this eeect. Read requests are routed via \proxies", randomly-selected intermediate nodes. We present results from execution-driven simulations of(More)