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Only a small fraction of neurotransmitter-containing synaptic vesicles (SVs), the readily releasable pool, is available for fast Ca(2+)-induced release at any synapse. Most SVs are sequestered at sites away from the plasma membrane and cannot be exocytosed directly. Recruitment of SVs to the releasable pool is thought to be an important component of(More)
—We consider the sequential portfolio investment problem. Building on results in signal processing, machine learning, and other areas, we combine the insights of Cover and Ordentlich's side information portfolio with those of Blum and Kalai's transaction costs algorithm to construct one that performs well under transaction costs while taking advantage of(More)
—Analog to digital conversion is often a critical component of a digital communication link. However, the figures of merit that are used in the design of the components that comprise this step are more appropriate for signal reconstruction applications than for digital communication. This paper considers the design of time-interleaved analog-to-digital(More)
In this paper, we consider the sequential portfolio investment problem considered by Cover [3] and extend the results of [3] to the class of piecewise constant rebalanced portfolios that are tuned to the underlying sequence of price relatives. Here, the piecewise constant models are used to partition the space of past price relative vectors where we assign(More)
Movement through the endocytic pathway occurs principally via a series of membrane fusion and fission reactions that allow sorting of molecules to be recycled from those to be degraded. Endosome fusion is dependent on SNARE proteins, although the nature of the proteins involved and their regulation has not been fully elucidated. We found that the(More)
We consider the sequential portfolio investment problem. We demonstrate that the insights of Blum and Kalai's transaction costs algorithm may be used to construct more sophisticated algorithms. In particular, we show that transaction costs can be taken into account in Cover and Ordentlich's side information portfolio and Kozat and Singer's switching(More)
  • Alka Mehra, Aleena Zahra, Victor Thompson, Natalie Sirisaengtaksin, Ashley Wells, Maura Porto +9 others
  • 2013
Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) disrupts anti-microbial pathways of macrophages, cells that normally kill bacteria. Over 40 years ago, D'Arcy Hart showed that Mtb avoids delivery to lysosomes, but the molecular mechanisms that allow Mtb to elude lysosomal degradation are poorly understood. Specialized secretion systems are often used by bacterial pathogens(More)