Andrew Iskander

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Clinicians' patient care information needs are frequent and largely unmet. Online knowledge resources are available that can help clinicians meet these information needs. Yet, significant barriers limit the use of these resources within the clinical workflow. Infobuttons are clinical decision support tools that use the clinical context (e.g., institution,(More)
The Arabic text of al-Birilni's Pharmacy and materia medica in which the author mentions names of plants and other medicinal drugs in several languages appears for the first time with an English translation. It is intended to celebrate the millenary of al-Biriini (b. 973), and comes as a complement to the Hamdard pharmacopoeia of Eastern medicine (Karachi,(More)
Extensive tracheal defects may pose a life-threatening dilemma. Although tracheal transplantation may represent a reconstructive solution, very little is known regarding the immunobiology and behavior of tracheal allografts. The objective of this study was to assess the pattern and kinetics of re-epithelialization of orthotopic tracheal allografts in(More)
There are currently no descriptions of neonatal tongue anatomy. Therefore, there have been no reports on the morphological differences between it and the adult tongue that would suggest its suitability for suckling. Serial coronal sections of a neonatal tongue were used to create a 3-dimensional model that was compared to that of the adult tongue. Compared(More)
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