Andrew I Jimenez

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The deterioration of functional and mental capacity is one of the major problems of the elderly. This deterioration may be caused or worsened by folate deficiency. The aim of this investigation was to analyze the relationship between mental and functional capacities and folate status in a group of 177 elderly Spanish people. Folate deficiency is common in(More)
OBJECTIVES High-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infection leads to the development of several human cancers that cause significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. HPV type 16 (HPV16) is the most common of the cancer-causing genotypes and gains entry to the basal cells of the epithelium through a non-canonical endocytic pathway that involves the annexin(More)
Objectives:To study the relationship between lipid, fatty acid and lipid-rich food intake and current asthma in a group of Spanish schoolchildren.Subjects/Methods:The subjects of this cross-sectional study were 638 Spanish schoolchildren (8–13 years of age). The weight and height of all the subjects were recorded. A questionnaire, completed by the subjects'(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluate the efficacy of a topical treatment protocol with DMSO 50% to alleviate inflammatory processes in type 1 complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) with a course of less than 1 year. METHOD Retrospective study performed in a traumatology hospital on patients with type 1 CRPS for whom a standard treatment algorithm was prescribed with(More)
Zn plays a key role in the synthesis and action of insulin. The aim of the present work was to determine whether a poorer Zn status was associated with insulin resistance in a group of 357 Spanish schoolchildren. Zn intake was determined by using a 3 d food record (i.e. Sunday to Tuesday). The body weight, height and waist and hip circumferences of all(More)
BACKGROUND Serum homocysteine levels are a risk factor in cardiovascular disease. Knowledge on how dietary factors might affect these levels is therefore of interest. OBJECTIVE To evaluate serum homocysteine levels in a group of elderly people and analyse the effect of pyridoxine, vitamin B12 and folic acid intakes on these levels. DESIGN The study(More)
837 neonates required mechanical ventilation at the Neonatal Intensive Unit in the last five years. 136 of them developed tension pneumothorax. Authors report our experience in these patients, who underwent next protocol: 1. Early diagnosis. 2. Underwater-seal drainage. 3. Suction drainage. 4. Selective intubation of contralateral bronchus. 5. Surgical(More)
Four patients diagnosed of having a tumor of Bolande and treated at our institution in the past ten years are presented. In two of them, early diagnosis was aided by prenatal echographic techniques; the other two diagnoses were suspected ar three and ten days of age because of an abdominal mass. The four of them underwent a complete study which included: a(More)
In 1987, ninety-six surgical patients, of whom 44 were premature or newborn babies and 52 were infants or older children, received total parenteral nutrition (T.P.N.) at our hospital. A peripheral venous line was utilized on forty patients in the first group and only on 9 in the second group. The excellent results yielded by T.P.N. are self-evident from the(More)