Andrew I Chuang

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We report the discovery of an osmosensitive transcriptional control of human CYP3A4, CYP3A7, and CYP3A5. Ambient hypertonicity (350-450 mOsmol/kg) increased mRNA expressions of the CYP3A by approximately 10- to 20-fold in human-intestinal C(2)bbe1 cells, followed by an increase of CYP3A protein. Hypotonicity, on the other hand, suppressed CYP3A mRNA levels,(More)
Breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP/ABCG2) is a membrane-bound efflux transporter important in cellular detoxification and multidrug resistance. Some aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) agonists were reported to induce BCRP expression in human colon carcinoma cells. However, a direct involvement of AHR transcriptional regulation remains unexplored. In this(More)
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