Andrew I. Batavia

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The most important basis for evaluating an assistive device is whether it satisfies the needs of the disabled consumer. However, the factors that consumers consider in determining whether a device meets their needs are not well understood. This preliminary study applied a small focus group process to identify and prioritize factors used by long-term users(More)
PURPOSE Karaoke is a recreational activity whereby individuals sing into a microphone along with the melodies and lyrics provided both visually and auditorily by a machine. METHODS The potential therapeutic benefits of karaoke are explored in terms of increased respiratory strength, endurance, control, and capacity, as well as emotional and physical(More)
Since 1983, when Congress established the Medicare DRG-based Prospective Payment System (PPS) for inpatient hospital care, rehabilitation hospitals and units that qualify under federal regulations have been exempted from the system. Congress recognized that the DRGs were not designed to consider the specific circumstances of rehabilitation patients. It(More)
As a group, people with disabilities or chronic conditions experience higher-than-average health care costs and have difficulty gaining access to affordable private health insurance coverage. While the Americans with Disabilities Act will enhance access by prohibiting differential treatment without sound actuarial justification, it will not guarantee equal(More)
Debates on health policy at the national level often overlook categorically the 19 million working-age persons with disabilities. Although this heterogeneous population with significantly diverse health statuses has higher than average rates of health care utilization, it remains questionable whether the demographic subgroup sufficiently receives needed(More)
The hospital industry is currently undergoing a substantial transformation as a result of changes in third party reimbursement mechanisms and a tendency toward a more competitive economic environment. Hospital administrators will have to demonstrate substantial flexibility in considering and implementing innovative institutional arrangements to ensure(More)