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Please refer to the errata for this document, which may include some normative corrections. Abstract The Voice Browser Working Group has sought to develop standards to enable access to the Web using spoken interaction. The Speech Synthesis Markup Language Specification is one of these standards and is designed to provide a rich, XML-based markup language(More)
—Staircase codes, a new class of forward-error-correction (FEC) codes suitable for high-speed optical communications , are introduced. An ITU-T G.709-compatible staircase code with rate R = 239/255 is proposed, and FPGA-based simulation results are presented, exhibiting a net coding gain (NCG) of 9.41 dB at an output error rate of 10 −15 , an improvement of(More)
● Particularly in 1990s, some developers reacted against traditional " heavyweight " software development processes. ● New methods were being developed and tested, – e.g. extreme programming, SCRUM, Feature-driven development – Generally termed " light " processes ● " Representatives " from several of these methods got together in Utah in 2001 – Settled on(More)
We describe an application of AI search and information visu-alization techniques to the problem of school redistricting, in which students are assigned to home schools within a county or school district. This is a multicriteria optimization problem in which competing objectives must be considered, such as school capacity, busing costs, and socioeconomic(More)
Prosodic features in continuous speech provide cues which may be used to disambiguate syntactic ambiguities and to increase the accuracy of speech recognition/understanding systems. This paper presents a novel method using a multivariate statistical framework for producing a model of the relationship between prosodic and syntactic structures in continuous(More)
Increasingly, Android smartphones are becoming more pervasive within the government and industry, despite the limited ways to detect malicious applications installed to these phones' operating systems. Although enterprise security mechanisms are being developed for use on Android devices, these methods cannot detect previously unknown malicious(More)