Andrew Hundt

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Rats were required to complete varying numbers of licks (FR), ranging from 10 to 300, in order to free an activity wheel for predetermined times (CT) ranging from 2 to 20 sec. The reinforcement of drinking by running was shown both by an increased frequency of licking, and by changes in length of the burst of licking relative to operant-level burst length.(More)
OBJECTIVE The standard laryngeal mask airway LMA-Classic is recommended in the ILCOR guidelines as alternative to facemask and tracheal tube during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. LMA-Unique, LMA-Fastrach and LMA-ProSeal are additional variants that are compared with the standard LMA in a resuscitation model. METHODS Tidal volumes, chest compressions and(More)
Single-photon interference is observed on the ultranarrow long-term stable exciton resonance of an individual semiconductor quantum dot. This interference is related to the fine-structure splitting and allows direct conclusions about the coherence properties of the exciton. When selectively addressing a particular dot by quasiresonant phonon-assisted(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, neoadjuvant radio-chemotherapy has been demonstrated to induce tumour remission and to prolong survival of patients with locally advanced adenocarcinoma of the oesophagogastric junction.The present study was performed to re-evaluate these data. PATIENTS AND METHOD A non-randomised trial of multimodal treatment was conducted in order(More)
For collaborative robots to become useful, end users who are not robotics experts must be able to instruct them to perform a variety of tasks. With this goal in mind, we developed a system for end-user creation of robust task plans with a broad range of capabilities. CoSTAR: the Collaborative System for Task Automation and Recognition is our winning entry(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performances of the RHE/IL-18 assay using the SkinEthic™ RHE model for the identification of contact sensitizers. METHODS A set of 18 substances and mixtures was tested on this epidermal model, following the RHE/IL-18 protocol. The final results of the assay were obtained following 5 interpretation(More)
— How can we enable novice users to create effective task plans for collaborative robots? Must there be a tradeoff between generalizability and ease of use? To answer these questions, we conducted a user study with the CoSTAR system, which integrates perception and reasoning into a Behavior Tree-based task plan editor. In our study, we ask novice users to(More)
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