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SUMMARY Since the Boyer-Moore algorithm was described in 1977, it has been the standard benchmark for the practical string search literature. Yet this yardstick compares badly with current practice. We describe two algorithms that perform 47% fewer comparisons and are about 4.5 times faster across a wide range of architectures and compilers. These new(More)
Measuring O 2 flux across the sediment-water interface is a widely used approach to assess benthic production and mineralization of organic material in aquatic environments. In addition, many other biogeochemical sediment processes are tightly regulated by O 2 exchanged across the sediment-water interface. Hence, the ability to monitor this flux accurately(More)
Dissolved oxygen (DO) fluxes were measured by eddy correlation to estimate net ecosystem metabolism (NEM) during summer in a restored eelgrass (Zostera marina) meadow and a nearby, unvegetated sediment. This technique measures benthic fluxes under true in situ light and hydrodynamic conditions, integrates over a large area (typically. 100 m 2), and captures(More)
As the systems we build become more complex, understanding and managing their behavior becomes more challenging. If the system's inputs are within an acceptable range, it will behave predictably. However, the system may " fall off the cliff " if input values are outside this range. This nonlinear behavior is undesirable, because the system no longer behaves(More)
Clusters of commodity PC hardware are very attractive as a basis for large scale computing. In fact, this style of system, commonly referred to as Beowulf systems, are well on their way to dominating the supercomputing arena, which is almost solely concerned with large scientific computing. In other domains, issues other than performance predominate. This(More)
An intertidal Crassostrea virginica oyster reef was instrumented to quantify processes affecting boundary layer flow, suspended sediment deposition and erosion, and the flux of oxygen to and from the benthos. Velocity and suspended sediment concentrations were measured at opposing sides of the reef and sediment fluxes, due to the combined effects of(More)