Andrew Hume

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SUMMARY Since the Boyer-Moore algorithm was described in 1977, it has been the standard benchmark for the practical string search literature. Yet this yardstick compares badly with current practice. We describe two algorithms that perform 47% fewer comparisons and are about 4.5 times faster across a wide range of architectures and compilers. These new(More)
As the systems we build become more complex, understanding and managing their behavior becomes more challenging. If the system's inputs are within an acceptable range, it will behave predictably. However, the system may " fall off the cliff " if input values are outside this range. This nonlinear behavior is undesirable, because the system no longer behaves(More)
Due to advances in computer architecture, performance of the PC now exceeds that of the typical mainframe. However, computing cost on a mainframe continues to greatly exceed that on a PC. Thus, migrating mainframe applications to PC can result in substantial savings. The major stumbling block in doing this is the cost of software migration itself. This(More)
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