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SUMMARY Since the Boyer-Moore algorithm was described in 1977, it has been the standard benchmark for the practical string search literature. Yet this yardstick compares badly with current practice. We describe two algorithms that perform 47% fewer comparisons and are about 4.5 times faster across a wide range of architectures and compilers. These new(More)
BACKGROUND Persistent atrial fibrillation (AF) and long-standing persistent AF (LSPAF) are difficult to treat. Epicardial surgical and percutaneous catheter ablations have lower success rates in these patients. The convergent procedure, an endoscopic transdiaphragmatic ablation procedure with conventional percutaneous endocardial ablation, is examined. (More)
BACKGROUND Fine-needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy allows cost-effective thyroid nodule management at referral centers. The authors examined its use at a teaching hospital for safety, accuracy, and clinical utility. METHODS Patients having thyroid FNA biopsy in 1991 were identified. Pathology results through 1993 were retrieved and selected charts through(More)
There is a growing need for very large databases which are not practical to implement with conventional relational database technology. These databases are characterised by huge size and frequent large updates; they do not require traditional database transactions, instead the atomic-ity of bulk updates can be guaranteed outside of the database. Given the(More)
As the systems we build become more complex, understanding and managing their behavior becomes more challenging. If the system's inputs are within an acceptable range, it will behave predictably. However, the system may " fall off the cliff " if input values are outside this range. This nonlinear behavior is undesirable, because the system no longer behaves(More)
Clusters of commodity PC hardware are very attractive as a basis for large scale computing. In fact, this style of system, commonly referred to as Beowulf systems, are well on their way to dominating the supercomputing arena, which is almost solely concerned with large scientific computing. In other domains, issues other than performance predominate. This(More)