Andrew Horowitz

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Emotion is expressed in multiple modalities, yet most research has considered at most one or two. This stems in part from the lack of large, diverse, well-annotated, multimodal databases with which to develop and test algorithms. We present a well-annotated, multimodal, multidimensional spontaneous emotion corpus of 140 participants. Emotion inductions were(More)
This study is published within the OPHI theme on multidimensional measurement. Abstract In this paper we demonstrate that the axiomatic measurement approach developed in the poverty and inequality literature can be usefully applied to the measurement of corruption. We develop a conceptual framework for organizing corruption data and discuss several(More)
Pervasive unpunctuality is well documented in many low-income countries and several have recently initiated programs to reduce tardiness. A natural explanation for inefficient unpunctuality is the Prisoner's Dilemma – players expect others to be late, so they arrive late. We develop a theoretical model of punctuality games and assess the prospects of recent(More)
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