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Approaches that support software maintenance need to be evaluated and compared against existing ones, in order to demonstrate their usefulness in practice. However, oftentimes the lack of well-established sets of benchmarks leads to situations where these approaches are evaluated using different datasets, which results in biased comparisons. In this data(More)
In the recent years, studies of design and programming practices in mobile development are gaining more attention from researchers. Several such empirical studies used Android applications (paid, free, and open source) to analyze factors such as size, quality, dependencies, reuse, and cloning. Most of the studies use executable files of the apps (APK(More)
According to New York Times, 5.6 million people in the United States are paralyzed to some degree. Motivated by requirements of these paralyzed patients in controlling assisted-devices that support their mobility, we present a novel EEG-based BCI system, which is composed of an Emotive EPOC neuroheadset, a laptop and a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot in this(More)
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