Andrew Holden Dickson

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Although a number of epidemiologic studies reported that higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids (largely associated with fish consumption) is protective against Alzheimer's disease (AD), other human studies reported no such effect. Because retrospective human studies are problematic and controlled longitudinal studies over decades are impractical, the present(More)
In this study, we used a well-established animal model to investigate changes in the peptidergic and parasympathetic innervation of the bladder following chronic bladder inflammation. Adult female Sprague-Dawley rats were injected with either 70 mg/kg cyclophosphamide diluted in saline, i.p., once every 3 days or saline. After 10 days, all animals were(More)
• Australia's agriculture and food industry is undergoing a period of rapid change. The industry makes a major contribution to the Australian economy but is particularly important to rural and regional economies. Accordingly, many food producers and processors are keen to understand the changes that are occurring now and where the Australian food industry(More)
Appendix B – PISCO Survey species lists ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors are deeply indebted to the members of the SWRCB's Natural Water Quality Committee for guidance and review: ABSTRACT California has designated 34 different marine water quality protected areas, termed Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS), which extend across roughly 500 miles(More)
This thesis covers the design and SPICE simulation of a 2.5 Gb/s clock and data recovery integrated circuit suitable for a SONET OC-48 based system. Critical circuits, such as the VCO and the phase-detector were analyzed and simulated with SPICE in detail. The design is evaluated for compliance with the SONET standard specifications of phase noise, jitter,(More)
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