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The skp gene encoding the 17K protein, a basic DNA-binding nucleoid-associated protein of Escherichia coli, was cloned as part of a 2.3-kb genomic fragment. The gene was sequenced and a polypeptide of 161 amino acids (aa) was deduced from the nucleotide sequence. The primary translation product was processed by cutting off the N-terminal 20 aa residues,(More)
The 17-kilodalton protein, a DNA-binding protein encoded by the skp gene of Escherichia coli, was found to be identical to histonelike protein I, the product of the firA gene. This conclusion was reached after chromosomal localization, using the recently constructed high- and low-resolution E. coli restriction maps, and by direct comparison of the(More)
A basic protein of molecular mass 17 kDa (protein 17 K) which binds to relaxed DNA has been isolated and purified to homogeneity from Escherichia coli cells. The protein behaves as a tetramer in solution and there are 4800 monomers per cell in exponentially growing cells. The amino-acid composition and N-terminal sequence were determined. No effect of the(More)
The different proteins present in chromatin of Escherichia coli have been analyzed by a variety of techniques. The chromatin was isolated using a previously published procedure (Sjåstad, K., Fadnes, P., Krüger, P.G. Lossius, I. and Kleppe, K. (1982) J. Gen. Microbiol. 128, 3037) and solubilized by the action of micrococcal nuclease or DNAase I. The(More)
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