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A helpful primer for those interested in what research has to say about why climate change remains so socially contentious Andrew Hoffman's new book How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate skillfully weaves together research from numerous social sciences – ranging from psychology to sociology – to show that public confusion about and lack of action on(More)
  • Shenghong Zhang, Shuling Chen, Guang Yang, Fang Gu, Minrui Li, Bihui Zhong +3 others
  • 2014
BACKGROUND HOTAIR, a newly discovered long intergenic noncoding RNA (lincRNA), has been reported to be aberrantly expressed in many types of cancers. This meta-analysis summarizes its potential role as a biomarker in malignancy. METHODS A quantitative meta-analysis was performed through a systematic search in Pubmed, Medline and Web of Science for(More)
BACKGROUND The nonautonomous maize Ds transposons can only move in the presence of the autonomous element Ac. They comprise a heterogeneous group that share 11-bp terminal inverted repeats (TIRs) and some subterminal repeats, but vary greatly in size and composition. Three classes of Ds elements can cause mutations: Ds-del, internal deletions of the 4.6-kb(More)
Communication between stem and niche supporting cells maintains the homeostasis of adult tissues. Wnt signaling is a crucial regulator of the stem cell niche, but the mechanism that governs Wnt ligand delivery in this compartment has not been fully investigated. We identified that Wnt secretion is partly dependent on Rab8a-mediated anterograde transport of(More)
—Mobile devices today, such as smartphones and tablets, have become both more complex and diverse. This paper presents a framework to evaluate the trustworthiness of the individual components in a mobile system, as well as the entire system. The major components are applications, devices and networks of devices. Given this diversity and multiple levels of a(More)
  • Renato Orsato, Rob Carroll, David A. Anderson, David J. Vogel, Maurice Berns, Graeme Auld +14 others
  • 2012
Purpose: This course is designed to introduce you to the opportunities, constraints, and pitfalls that firms and industries face in confronting environmental considerations. We will look at different " drivers " of green markets, with a special emphasis at the end of the course on the risks and rewards associated with global warming. Grading: Grades will be(More)
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