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Excessive water uptake through Aquaporins (AQP) can be life-threatening and reversible AQP inhibitors are needed. Here, we determined the specificity, potency, and binding site of tetraethyl-ammonium (TEA) to block Aquaporin water permeability. Using oocytes, externally applied TEA blocked AQP1/AQP2/AQP4 with IC 50 values of 1.4, 6.2, and 9.8 ␮M,(More)
FOREWORD While it may seem it's been around a very long time, Information Architecture (IA) is still a relatively new practice. Compared to many traditional craft-oriented professions – being a tailor, or a chef, or even an artisan cheese-maker – IA practitioners are not only very green, but the practice itself is a mere toddler in comparison. And yet,(More)
Bicuspid aortic valves calcify at a significantly higher rate than normal aortic valves, a process that involves increased inflammation. Because we have previously found that bicuspid aortic valve experience greater stretch, we investigated the potential connection between stretch and inflammation in human aortic valve interstitial cells (AVICs).(More)
Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is an aggressive disease marked by frequent recurrence and metastasis and stagnant survival rates. To enhance molecular knowledge of HNSCC and define a non-coding RNA (ncRNA) landscape of the disease, we profiled the transcriptome-wide dysregulation of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA), microRNA (miRNA), and(More)
The chemokine receptor CXCR4 and ligand SDF-1α are expressed in fetal and adult mouse islets. Neutralization of CXCR4 has previously been shown to diminish ductal cell proliferation and increase apoptosis in the IFNγ transgenic mouse model in which the adult mouse pancreas displays islet regeneration. Here, we demonstrate that CXCR4 and SDF-1α are expressed(More)
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Hinweis für AG4-Gutachter: Zur fünffachen Wertung angemeldet. Der Hinweis " Journal ist in der Thomson-Reuters Master Journal List " besagt, dass die jeweilige Zeitschrift in der Liste
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