Andrew Hewson

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Npt2 encodes a renal-specific, brush-border membrane Na+-phosphate (Pi) cotransporter that is expressed in the proximal tubule where the bulk of filtered Pi is reabsorbed. Mice deficient in the Npt2 gene were generated by targeted mutagenesis to define the role of Npt2 in the overall maintenance of Pi homeostasis, determine its impact on skeletal(More)
Phenylalanine hydroxylase (PAH) catalyzes the conversion of phenylalanine to tyrosine; its activity is the major determinant of phenylalanine disposal. Mutations in the corresponding human gene (PAH), which encodes the human hepatic PAH enzyme, result in hyperphenylalaninemia; the resulting phenotypes can range in severity from mild forms of(More)
Na+-phosphate (Pi) cotransport across the renal brush border membrane is the rate limiting step in the overall reabsorption of filtered Pi. Murine and human renal-specific cDNAs (NaPi-7 and NaPi-3, respectively) related to this cotransporter activity (type II Na+-Pi cotransporter) have been cloned. We now report the cloning and characterization of the(More)
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