Andrew Hewett

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A 300 mm long flash lamp based on a water-vortex stabilized high-pressure high-power arc lamp has been developed to meet future requirements in semiconductor rapid thermal processing. This flash lamp is much more powerful than any other commercially available flash lamp. Typical operating parameters are peak currents of up to 50 kA and pulse widths in the(More)
We investigated whether the efficacy of directed rehearsal could be enhanced by increasing a student's motivation through task variation. The efficacy of three conditions (directed rehearsal, directed rehearsal combined with task variation, and no-training control) on the spelling performance of four students with learning disabilities was compared in an(More)
Overcorrection procedures traditionally were designed to reduce the behavioral excesses of persons with mental retardation. However, beginning with a study of Foxx and Jones (1978), it became clear that variations of the procedure could be used to enhance academic proficiency in students with average intelligence, borderline intelligence, learning(More)
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