Andrew Henderson

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conomic and organizational sociologists have devoted increased scholarly attention to processes of institutionalization, or mechanisms by which organizational structures, policies , and practices acquire social legitimacy and ultimately become taken-for-granted as normatively appropriate in a population. From a neoinstitutional perspective, organizational(More)
Dynamic binary analysis is a prevalent and indispensable technique in program analysis. While several dynamic binary analysis tools and frameworks have been proposed, all suffer from one or more of: prohibitive performance degradation, semantic gap between the analysis code and the program being analyzed, architecture/OS specificity, being user-mode only,(More)
Channel improvements involving channel expansion upstream of culverts may result in increased sediment deposition near the structure, which in turn may result in decreased hydraulic performance and safety. These conditions are investigated through physical and numerical modeling. An improved understanding of the hydraulic performance of channel expansions(More)
BACKGROUND The number of elderly people over the age of 65 commencing dialysis in NZ has increased by almost 400% in the past decade. Few data are available about health related outcomes and survival on dialysis in the elderly to help the individual, their family, clinicians and health planners with decision-making. METHODS/DESIGN This study will provide(More)
In Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) both spatial variability and model choices may be influential. In the case of the effect model, the effect factors differ with respect to their assumption of linear/nonlinear responses to increases in environmental stressor levels, and whether or not they account for the current stressor levels in the environment.(More)
—The drastic increase of JavaScript exploitation attacks has led to a strong interest in developing techniques to enable malicious JavaScript analysis. Existing analysis techniques fall into two general categories: static analysis and dynamic analysis. Static analysis tends to produce inaccurate results (both false positive and false negative) and is(More)
The intentional or accidental large-scale release of a chemical-biological agent in an urban zone remains a viable threat to Homeland Security. As these silent, invisible and odorless plumes can cause massive casualties that would overwhelm emergency facilities, modeling, tracking and real-time prediction of plume dispersion and lethality is central to(More)
managers is used to examine how executives may use interpersonal influence behavior to prevent powerful institutional investors from using their coercive power to force changes in corporate governance and strategy. We theorize that high levels of institutional ownership may prompt CEOs to engage in interpersonal influence behavior in the form of(More)
Despite much research, debate continues about the impact of risk taking on a firm's future performance. Unlike prior studies, we propose that risk-return relationships evolve as firms age and learn, particularly in high-velocity settings where accumulated knowledge affects how firms respond to technological change. Discerning this requires three things(More)