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As global efforts to protect ecosystems expand, the socioeconomic impact of protected areas on neighboring human communities continues to be a source of intense debate. The debate persists because previous studies do not directly measure socioeconomic outcomes and do not use appropriate comparison groups to account for potential confounders. We illustrate(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate racial disparities in perinatal mortality in women with early access to prenatal care. METHODS A prospectively collected database from a large, multicenter investigation of singleton pregnancies, the FASTER trial, was queried. Patients were recruited from an unselected obstetric population between 1999 and 2002. A total of 35,529(More)
Does information irrelevant to government performance affect voting behavior? If so, how does this help us understand the mechanisms underlying voters' retrospective assessments of candidates' performance in office? To precisely test for the effects of irrelevant information, we explore the electoral impact of local college football games just before an(More)
This paper examines possible motives and institutional factors that impact giving. Specifically, I consider alternative theories parallel to dictator experiments that generate evidence on both allocation decisions and their effect on feelings. A number of new empirical findings as well as new interpretations for previously reported findings result. A novel(More)
This paper presents theoretical and empirical analyses of experiments that test competing theories of altruism, including pure altruism (a preference for the well-being of others), warm glow (a good feeling from giving) and impure altruism (a combination of pure altruism and warm glow). These theories produce different predictions regarding crowding out,(More)
What rule is fair? This experimental study considers equality and equity (i.e., allocations that are proportional to individual contributions). Impersonal third parties, or spectators, favor equity. Distributive preferences move progressively toward equality, however, with the introduction of personal factors, such as sharing stakes with another (i.e.,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate accuracy of fetal fibronectin testing to predict preterm birth in twin gestations with symptoms of preterm labor. METHODS We reviewed charts of all patients with twin gestations who underwent fetal fibronectin testing and presented with complaints of preterm labor between January 1, 2000, and June 30, 2004. We also reviewed the(More)
Twin gestations pose a challenge in management, and the intrapartum phase of care is not exempt. Despite increasing numbers of twin gestations, the literature does not adequately answer several basic questions regarding appropriate intrapartum management. This article provides an overview of the available literature supporting appropriate intrapartum(More)