Andrew Hausrath

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Peptides corresponding to excised alpha-helical segments of natural proteins can spontaneously form helices in solution. However, peptide helices are usually substantially less stable in solution than in the structural context of a folded protein, because of the additional interactions possible between helices in a protein. Such interactions can be thought(More)
Theories of protein folding often consider contributions from three fundamental elements: loops, hydrophobic interactions, and secondary structures. The pathway of protein folding, the rate of folding, and the final folded structure should be predictable if the energetic contributions to folding of these fundamental factors were properly understood.(More)
Adiponectin, a hormone secreted from adipocytes, has been shown to protect against development of insulin resistance, ischemia–reperfusion injury, and inflammation. Adiponectin assembles into multiple oligomeric isoforms: trimers, hexamers and several higher molecular weight (HMW) species. Of these, the HMW species are selectively decreased during the onset(More)
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