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In this paper we describe standards and widely adopted best practices that facilitate the deployment of information technology service management (ITSM). We cover the Information Technology Infrastructure Libraryt (ITILt) framework of best practices for delivering information technology (IT) services. As part of ITIL we discuss the central role played by(More)
The CFMU has developed mission critical applications for Europe-wide flight plan processing and air traffic management activities using Ada83. This paper presents the techniques and tools used for the migration from an Ada83 to an Ada95 compiler and run-time. It puts a particular emphasis on both the software management aspects and the technical aspects(More)
BPEL4WS abstract processes describe the observable behavior of Web services. They complement abstract WSDL interfaces (port types and operations) and the UDDI model by defining dependencies between service operations in the context of a message exchange. This technical note describes the relationships between the three models and suggests how BPEL4WS(More)
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