Andrew Hardwick

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Psychophysical functions for perceived roughness, relating ln (magnitude estimate of roughness) to ln (groove width), were obtained for blind and sighted participants in virtual reality using the PHANToM force feedback device. The stimuli were sinusoidal surfaces with groove widths between 0.675 mm and 20.700 mm. Group functions showed a similar(More)
1. ABSTRACT This paper describes a series of studies involving a haptic device which can display virtual textures and 3-D objects. The device has potential for simulating real world objects and assisting in the navigation of virtual environments. Three experiments investigated: (a) whether previous results from experiments using real textures could be(More)
Typically, the mechanical feedback that a user obtains during a gesture is simply the mechanical weight and friction of the specific input device being employed. This is very different from everyday experience. Here mechanical feedback to the hand and arm results from the manual manipulation of tools and other objects. This paper reports preliminary(More)
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