Andrew Hanlon

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Software configuration management is the discipline of managing large collections of software development artefacts from which software products are built. Software configuration management tools typically deal with artefacts at fine levels of granularity - such as individual source code files - and assist with coordination of changes to such artefacts.(More)
There is currently no universal model or fitting method to characterize the visco-elastic behavior of the lumbar spine observed in displacement versus load hysteresis loops. In this study, proposed methods for fitting these loops, along with the metrics obtained, were thoroughly analyzed. A spline fitting technique was shown to provide a consistent(More)
We use the Hofer norm to show that all Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms with compact support in R2n that displace an open set with a nonzero Hofer-Zehnder capacity move a point farther than a capacity-dependent constant. In R2, this result is extended to all compactly supported symplectomorphisms. Next, using the spectral norm, we show the result holds for(More)
The experimental procedures of time-resolved laser photolysis studies of pyrene excimer formation in solution have been scrutinized and the appropriate modifications have been implemented. Contrary to the experimental methods applied in all related previous work, the selection of a suitable excitation wavelength (such that the corresponding pyrene(More)
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