Andrew H. Jones

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PURPOSE This study recorded in vitro color change of three tooth bleaching techniques that included laser-activated hydrogen peroxide and two concentrations of carbamide peroxide. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty extracted human central incisors were exposed to argon laser-activated 35% H2O2, 10% carbamide peroxide, or 20% carbamide peroxide. A fourth group(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Provisional restorations play a critical role in the success of restorative treatment. Thus, the provisional restoration must maintain its surface integrity throughout the restorative process. PURPOSE This study evaluated the microhardness of 5 prosthodontic provisional materials. MATERIAL AND METHODS Cylindrical samples of 3(More)
Red, purple, and blue sepals on selected cultivars of Hydrangea macrophylla were analyzed for their aluminum content. This content was determined to be a function of the sepal color with red sepals possessing 0-10 μg Al/g fresh sepal, purple sepals having 10-40 μg Al/g fresh sepal, and blue sepals containing greater than 40 μg Al/g fresh sepal. Accordingly,(More)
This paper describes an approach for calibrating active stereo heads for which no prior knowledge of the world coordinate system is required. During an automated procedure derived from this approach, the mobile robot can be loosely positioned in front of a calibration pattern. Through our procedure, both the camera calibration and the neck-eye calibration(More)
European elm bark beetles,Scolytus multistriatus (Marsh.), were strongly attracted to American elms,Ulmus americana L., baited with theS. multistriatus attractant, multilure, or killed by injection of the arboricide, cacodylic acid; a combination of the two treatments was most attractive. Comparisons of beetle catches on sticky bands affixed to the trees(More)
Robotic systems and their software design are based on the same principles found in other computer applications. However, while many computer systems to date are deeply rooted in concepts such as multi-processing, multi-threads, modularity, etc., robotic systems are still limited by mono-processing, centralized designs. This paper addresses these(More)
This paper compares three analytical methods that may be considered for monitoring workers who are exposed to carbon disulphide (CS2). An estimate of the uptake of CS2 was assessed by the measurement of "bound" CS2 in blood, CS2 in expired alveolar air, and 2-thiothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid (TTCA) in urine. The concentration of TTCA in end-of-shift urine(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate clearance, antibody responses, potential shedding, and histologic lesions in reproductive tissues of adult bison bulls after vaccination with Brucella abortus strain RB51. ANIMALS 61 two- and 3-year-old bison bulls. PROCEDURE 12 bison bulls were vaccinated s.c. with B abortus strain RB51, 3 were inoculated s.c. with 0.15 M NaCl,(More)