Andrew H Hyland

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OBJECT The authors assessed the efficacy and outcomes of lumbar microdiscectomy performed on an outpatient basis by administering six questionnaires before and at five time points after surgery. The results were compared with those reported in literature in which the success rates vary between 70% and 80% and in excess of 90%. The authors use the(More)
BACKGROUND Practice volume may affect the outcome of patients with breast carcinoma. Defining factors that influence the relation of volume and outcome for the diagnosis and treatment of breast carcinoma is important, because breast carcinoma is common, and care is decentralized. METHODS Community-wide diagnosis and treatment of mammogram-detected breast(More)
The actin cytoskeleton underlies several normal cellular functions and is deranged during carcinogenesis. Gelsolin, a multifunctional actin-binding protein, is downregulated in several types of tumors and its abnormal expression is one of the most common defects noted in invasive breast carcinoma (ICA). This study utilizes immunohistochemistry to examine(More)
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