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It is expected that projector phones (mobile phones with an integrated pico projector) will hit the market in the next few years. So far no research exists regarding how mobile applications should be designed when using a projection and which applications will profit from such a large high-resolution display. This paper presents a comparative evaluation of(More)
First working prototypes of mobile phones with integrated pico projectors have already been demonstrated and it is expected that such projector phones will be sold within the next three years. Applications that require interaction with large amounts of information will benefit from the large projection and its high resolution. This paper analyses the(More)
It is expected that projector phones and pico projectors will be very widespread in a few years. This paper reports a formative field study in which we analyzed over a period of three days what people think about such devices, what they would use them for and how they react when seeing others using them. We report our findings regarding the usage of project(More)
Viewing and sharing media on mobile devices are popular scenarios, however, the limited screen size results in multiple users having to gather around a single display leading to an undesirable viewing experience. Similarly, sharing a single image with a single person is cumbersome and requires several steps to complete. This demonstration paper presents an(More)
It is expected that projector phones (mobile phones with built-in pico projectors) will hit the market by 2010. Such phones provide a completely new way to display information and interaction techniques. The system presented in this paper allows the simulation of these projector phones as the real devices are not yet available. Through this, we demonstrate(More)
Co-present viewing and sharing of images on mobile devices is a popular but very cumbersome activity. Firstly, is it difficult to show a picture to a group of friends due to the small mobile phone screen and secondly it is difficult to share media, e.g. when considering Bluetooth usage; technical limitations and repetitive user interactions. This paper(More)
Despite all the benefits the mobile phone offers, during a phone call it largely remains unused. Access to its applications, services and vast amount of online information is prohibited since the user interface is engaged with an active call. In this paper we explore interactions during active phone calls to satisfy common scenarios and tasks and also(More)
The limited screen size and resolution of mobile phone screens makes it difficult to view media in a group setting. Co-present media sharing is currently not easily supported by mobile phones. Typically, media sharing is orientated around the media owner who has to perform several tasks to send a single photo per recipient. Moreover, group formation and(More)