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OBJECTIVE To examine suicide by identified occupational groups in New Zealand over a period of 30 years, focusing on groups predicted to have high suicide rates because of access to and familiarity with particular methods of suicide. METHOD Suicide data (including open verdicts) for the period 1973-2004 were examined, excluding 1996 and 1997 for which(More)
— We consider the problem of maximizing the time-to-first-failure, defined as the time till the first node in the network runs out of battery energy, in energy constrained broadcast wireless networks. We discuss a greedy algorithm and prove that it solves the problem optimally for a broadcast application , in polynomial time, provided the complete power(More)
A robust control design is proposed for the lane-keeping and obstacle avoidance of semiautonomous ground vehicles. A robust Model Predictive Controller (MPC) is used in order to enforce safety constraints with minimal control intervention. An uncertain driver model is used to obtain sets of predicted vehicle trajectories in closed-loop with the predicted(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association of physical and psychosocial risk factors with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in New Zealand nurses, postal workers and office workers. DESIGN A cross-sectional postal survey asking about demographic, physical and psychosocial factors and MSDs. PARTICIPANTS A total of 911 participants was randomly selected;(More)
This study is the first nationwide population survey to explore the association between speed of eating and degree of obesity. The objective was to cross-sectionally examine the relationship between self-reported speed of eating and body mass index (BMI; calculated as kg/m(2)) in a nationally representative sample of New Zealand women. In May 2009, a sample(More)
AIM To estimate the frequency of walking to school among primary school children and examine associated factors. METHOD In-class survey of Years 1-6 children attending Dunedin primary schools, November 2004, and a take home, written questionnaire for parents and caregivers. RESULTS On study day, 34.5% of children walked to school and 36.8% intended to(More)
This study assessed whether an upgrade of playgrounds in a community was associated with changes in the physical activity of local children. The study used a natural experiment design with a local authority project to upgrade two community playgrounds as the intervention and a matched control community. Children's physical activity was measured by an(More)
We consider the problem of maximizing the time-to-first-failure (TTFF), defined as the time till the first node in the network runs out of battery energy, in energy constrained broadcast wireless networks. We show that the TTFF criterion , by itself, fails to provide the " ideally optimum " mul-ticast tree and propose a composite weighted objective function(More)