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The rise of food security up international political, societal and academic agendas has led to increasing interest in novel means of improving primary food production and reducing waste. There are however, also many ‘post-farm gate’ activities that are critical to food security, including processing, packaging, distributing, retailing, cooking and(More)
Statutory laws in colonial America required that servants be given a particular set of goods upon contract completion. These laws were innovative and unprecedented. Their purpose has been interpreted as an effort to discourage servants from premature departure and to prevent ex-servants from taxing poor relief funds. These interpretations are shown to be(More)
The historical development and economic impact of pharmaceuticals in the UK are nowadays reasonably well documented. That industry has become the most profitable and fast growing of the country's high-tech industries. Its member firms undertake more than one-fifth of the national research and development (R&D) activities, one half being carried out in(More)
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