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The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is a radio telescope designed to operate between 70MHz and 10GHz. Due to this large bandwidth, the SKA will be built out of different collectors, namely antennas and dishes to cover the frequency range adequately. In order to deal with this bandwidth, innovative feeds and detectors must be designed and introduced in the(More)
We studied the possible association between patient age and sex, clinical presentation, Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype, antimicrobial resistance, and death in invasive pneumococcal disease cases reported by 17 European countries during 2010. The study sample comprised 2,921 patients, of whom 56.8% were men and 38.2% were >65 years of age. Meningitis(More)
The pioneering theory of Compressed Sensing (CS) provides a framework for ill-posed inverse problems and allows for the recovery of sparse signals from a set of measurements. Its applicability to astronomy datasets was recognised from its infancy. In this work, CS techniques are used to aid in the construction of an optimised dictionary that is capable of(More)
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