Andrew G. Schmidt

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While medium-and large-sized computing centers have increasingly relied on clusters of commodity PC hardware to provide cost-effective capacity and capability, it is not clear that this technology will scale to the PetaFLOP range. It is expected that semiconductor technology will continue its exponential advancements over next fifteen years; however , new(More)
the evolution and importance of global research community networking. Collaborators worked together to solve complex computational problems using advanced high-speed networks to access geographically-distributed computing, storage, and display resources. It is this collection of computing and communication resources that we refer to as the International(More)
—As tools for designing multiple processor systems-on-chips (MPSoCs) continue to evolve to meet the demands of developers, there exist systematic gaps that must be bridged to provide a more cohesive hardware/software development environment. We present Redsharc to address these problems and enable: system generation, software/hardware compilation and(More)