Andrew G. Chiu

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Traditional multimedia systems deal with only a few basic media: text, graphics, audio and video. However , many other types of media, such as ultra-sound, infrared and RF signals, can be represented by streams of data samples and processed within mul-timedia applications. In this paper, we introduce some of these new media domains and identify interesting(More)
In this thesis we investigate efficient modulation and detection techniques for the up-link (i.e. transmission from mobile to base station) of a DS-CDMA network. Specifically , the thesis contains three parts. In the first part, we focus on the mobile transmitter. In particular, we evaluate and compare the spectral efficiency of two promising variable rate(More)
This dissertation presents the design, implementation and evaluation of a novel software radio architecture based on wideband digitization, a general purpose processor and application level software. The system is designed to overcome the many challenges and exploit the advantages of performing real-time signal processing in a general purpose environment.(More)
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