Andrew G. Chiu

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Traditional multimedia systems deal with only a few basic media: text, graphics, audio and video. However , many other types of media, such as ultra-sound, infrared and RF signals, can be represented by streams of data samples and processed within mul-timedia applications. In this paper, we introduce some of these new media domains and identify interesting(More)
Status Release Date Comment Audience Draft 0.0.1 11/03/03 Initial Draft, limited release, do not distribute Limited Release Draft 1.0.0 RC1 05/17/04 Updated per comments Limited Release Draft 1.0.0 RC2 05/28/04 Updated per comments Limited Final 1.0.0 RC3 As a key component of the President's Management Agenda, the U.S. E-Authentication Identity Federation(More)
An NC 1 circuit for division of binary numbers is presented. By results of Beame, Cook and Hoover this also shows that iterated product and powering are in NC 1 , and by a result of Borodin all three operations are in log-space. This settles an open issue in parallel and space bounded arithmetic complexity.
In this thesis we investigate efficient modulation and detection techniques for the up-link (i.e. transmission from mobile to base station) of a DS-CDMA network. Specifically , the thesis contains three parts. In the first part, we focus on the mobile transmitter. In particular, we evaluate and compare the spectral efficiency of two promising variable rate(More)
A dual channel broadband surface mount optical modulator driver has been developed for use in 100Gb/s fiber optic transponders. Each channel is capable of delivering 4 to 8Vpp to each port of the optical modulator at data rates spanning through 43Gb/s with adjustable crossing point and eye quality control. This surface mount package solution enables a more(More)