Andrew French

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The Data Description Language (DDL) is a language for describing the structure of data, and expressing transformations that are to be performed on that data. The DDL Processor is a set of computer programs which interprets DDL statements and generates a computer program to perform the specified transformations. Together the DDL and its Processor provide a(More)
Distributed platforms are now a de facto standard in modern software and application development. Although the ACM/IEEE Curriculum 2013 introduces Parallel and Distributed Computing as a first class knowledge area for the first time, the right level of abstraction to teach these concepts is still an important question that needs to be explored. This work(More)
Developing better agricultural monitoring capabilities based on Earth Observation data is critical for strengthening food production information and market transparency. The Sentinel-2 mission has the optimal capacity for regional to global agriculture monitoring in terms of resolution (10–20 meter), revisit frequency (five days) and coverage (global). In(More)
With the spread of systems approaches to biological research, there is increasing demand for methods and tools capable of extracting quantitative measurements of biological samples from individual and time-based sequences of microscope images. To this end, we have developed a software tool for tissue level segmentation and automatic tracking of a network of(More)
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