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Intestinal helminths—including hookworm, roundworm, whipworm, and schistoso-miasis—infect more than one-quarter of the world's population. Studies in which medical treatment is randomized at the individual level potentially doubly underestimate the benefits of treatment, missing externality benefits to the comparison group from reduced disease transmission,(More)
To facilitate the systematic description of catatonic signs, we developed a catatonia rating examination, rating scale and screening instrument. We constructed a 23-item rating scale and a truncated 14-item screening instrument using operationalized definitions of signs ascribed to catatonia in published sources. Inter-rater reliability was tested in 44(More)
Case material and retrospective studies support the use of both lorazepam and ECT in treating catatonia, but few prospective investigations exist and none employ quantitative monitoring of response. In this study we test their efficacy in an open, prospective protocol, and define a "lorazepam test' with predictive value for treatment. Twenty-eight patients(More)
This paper examines a natural experiment in which students at a large state university are randomly assigned roommates through a lottery system. We find that on average, males assigned to roommates who reported drinking in the year prior to entering college had one quarter-point lower GPA than those assigned to non-drinking roommates. The 10 th percentile(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep problems are common in typically developing (TD) children and in children with autism, however, less is known about the sleep of children with Asperger's disorder (AD). The aim of this study was to compare sleep patterns of children with autism and AD to a TD group of children. METHODS Sixty-six parents of TD children, 53 parents of(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Silybum marianum is a herbal preparation commonly used by subjects with chronic hepatitis C (CHC). The aims of this pilot study were to assess the efficacy and safety of S. marianum on serum hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA, alanine aminotransferase levels and well-being in patients with CHC. METHODS Twenty-four subjects with CHC were enrolled(More)
Atypical antipsychotics have gained acceptance as first-line treatment for psychotic disorders. Rapid-acting intramuscular (IM) atypicals may supplant benzodiazepine and/or neuroleptic alternatives. IM atypical ziprasidone studies excluded severe psychiatric agitation (PSYCH), or that due to the abuse of alcohol (ETOH) or other substances (SUBS). We report(More)
BACKGROUND To determine the motor characteristics of chronic catatonia, catatonia and other motor disorders were systematically rated in a long-term hospitalized sample. METHOD Chronically hospitalized psychiatric inpatients (N = 42) with a clinical diagnosis of catatonic schizophrenia (295.2X) were rated for catatonia with a novel 23-item catatonia(More)
Using a panel of African countries during 1985−2000, I show that HIV/AIDS affects fertility rates positively and enrollment rates negatively. The evidence provides support for models of fertility transition emphasizing the demand for children, highlighting a specific mechanism through which demographic transition affects economic growth. Parents who are(More)