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We report 3 patients with persistent symptoms at vaccination sites. All were allergic to aluminium and one to thiomersal and neomycin too. Aluminium allergy causes false positive patch test reactions and we propose methods of patch testing patients with symptoms at vaccination sites in order to avoid this problem. The practical relevance of allergy to(More)
Many diseases and injuries can impair joint mobility. Normal reference values are needed to determine extent of impairment to assess and monitor joint motion. There is very little published data describing normal joint range of motion (ROM) for healthy men and women across a wide span of ages. We enrolled male and female subjects aged between 2 and 69 years(More)
A subgroup of patients with burning mouth syndrome was investigated. The clinical history of these patients differed from the norm in that symptoms were intermittent and affected unusual sites. In addition, routine investigations were supplemented with a more detailed psychological evaluation than reported previously and also a possible allergic component(More)
Food or flavouring intolerance has been demonstrated in 14 out of 80 patients with oro-facial granulomatosis. Provoking molecules include cinnamaldehyde, carvone and piperitone, although a wide range of food or flavourings may be implicated. The nature of the reaction is not understood but does not seem to involve an IgE mediated response. At present the(More)
Sixteen patients developed a variety of oral lesions following a change in the toothpaste they used. Mucosal biopsy demonstrated features consistent with application of a topical medicament and patch testing, towards the constituents of the toothpastes, indicated the flavouring agent cinnamonaldehyde as being the likely responsible agent. Avoidance of the(More)
In a microbicide safety and effectiveness trial (HPTN 035) in Malawi, 585 women completed the same questionnaire through a face-to-face interview (FTFI) and an audio computer-assisted self-interview (ACASI). Concordance between FTFI and ACASI responses ranged from 72.0 % for frequency of sex in the past week to 95.2 % for anal intercourse (AI) in the past 3(More)
Thiomersal is the preservative in all toxoid vaccines routinely administered to children in the UK, but exposure from other sources is uncommon. Delayed hypersensitivity to thiomersal was demonstrated in 1% of individuals attending the Contact Dermatitis Investigation Unit, and 50 of these patients with positive patch tests to thiomersal were studied.(More)