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It is well known that high-viscosity fermentation broth can lead to mixing and oxygen mass transfer limitations. The seemingly obvious solution for this problem is to increase agitation intensity. In some processes, this has been shown to damage mycelia, affect morphology, and decrease product expression. However, in other processes increased agitation(More)
The goal in this study was to determine how increased impeller power affects enzyme expression in large-scale (80 m(3)), fed-batch Aspergillus oryzae fermentations. An approximate 50% increase in average impeller power was achieved by increasing impeller diameter approximately 10%, while operating at slightly reduced speed. Measured decreases in terminal(More)
Fragmentation of filamentous fungal hyphae depends on two phenomena: hydrodynamic stresses, which lead to hyphal breakage, and hyphal tensile strength, which resists breakage. The goal of this study was to use turbulent hydrodynamic theory to develop a correlation that allows experimental data of morphology and hydrodynamics to be used to estimate relative(More)
Fractured neck of femur patients represent a large demand on trauma services, and timely management results in improvements in morbidity and mortality. NICE guidance, advocating surgery on the day of admission or the following day, emphasises this. We set out to investigate whether a simulated fast-track management system could improve neck of femur(More)
The perception of biological motion is influenced by motion and form information. Point-light technique has been used to capture the kinematic properties of biological motion. Integration of auditory-visual information in speech perception has been shown to be influenced by such degraded forms of display. The present experiment investigates the role of(More)
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