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Since it was first proposed in the late 1970's (Munk and Wunsch 1979, 1982), ocean acoustic tomography has evolved into a remote sensing technique employed in a wide variety of physical settings. In the context of long-term oceanic climate change, acoustic tomography provides integrals through the mesoscale and other high-wavenumber noise over long(More)
Spatial heterogeneity in risk is a critical component of predator-prey interactions. However, at small spatial scales, it is difficult to quantify predation risk without altering it. We used track plates to measure local predation risk created by white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) foraging activity on oak-forest plots in Millbrook, New York. Live(More)
(2003). Field experiments show that acoustic pingers reduce marine mammal by-catch in the California drift gill net fishery. Mar. (1997). Exposure to sublethal blast overpressure reduces the food intake and exercise performance of rats.
Orbital angular momentum (OAM) entanglement is investigated in the Bessel-Gaussian (BG) basis. Having a readily adjustable radial scale, BG modes provide an alternative basis for OAM entanglement over Laguerre-Gaussian modes. We show that the OAM bandwidth in terms of BG modes can be increased by selection of particular radial wavevectors and leads to a(More)
Laser photolysis of WCl 6 in ethanol and a specific mixture of V 2 O 5 and VCl 3 in ethanol lead to carbon modified vanadium and tungsten oxides with interesting properties. The presence of graphene's aromatic rings (from the vibrational frequency of 1,600 cm-1) together with C–C bonding of carbon (from the Raman shift of 1,124 cm-1) present unique optical,(More)
Spatial light modulators are ubiquitous tools for wavefront control and laser beam shaping but have traditionally been used with monochromatic sources due to the inherent wavelength dependence of the calibration process and subsequent phase manipulation. In this work we show that such devices can also be used to shape broadband sources without any(More)
A time-dependent analytical thermal model of the temperature and the corresponding induced thermal stresses on the pump face of quasi- continuous wave (qcw) end-pumped laser rods is derived. We apply the model to qcw diode-end-pumped rods and show the maximum peak pump power that can be utilized without fracturing the rod. To illustrate an application of(More)
This paper applies the generalised linear model for modelling geographical variation to esophageal cancer incidence data in the Caspian region of Iran. The data have a complex and hierarchical structure that makes them suitable for hierarchical analysis using Bayesian techniques, but with care required to deal with problems arising from counts of events(More)