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The Cs transfer from soil into pasture vegetation was investigated by using a variation of experimental conditions: (I) 67 pots with 7 kg soil from 3 marshy and 1 sandy site in the lower Weser region in Northwest Germany are used in a greenhouse with 134Cs under 8 different experimental procedures for 2 harvests; (II) 3 undisturbed 50 kg lysimeters were(More)
Dynamical processes are commonly investigated using laser pump-probe experiments, with a pump pulse exciting the system of interest and a second probe pulse tracking its temporal evolution as a function of the delay between the pulses. Because the time resolution attainable in such experiments depends on the temporal definition of the laser pulses, pulse(More)
We apply the recently developed symbolic resonance analysis to electroencephalographic measurements of event-related brain potentials (ERPs) in a language processing experiment by using a three-symbol static encoding with varying thresholds for analyzing the ERP epochs, followed by a spin-flip transformation as a nonlinear filter. We compute an estimator of(More)
Using high resolution S 2p and O 1s x-ray photoelectron spectroscopies, the adsorption of SO2 and its surface bound reaction products on Ru(0001) have been investigated simultaneously while dosing SO2 and while heating the adsorbed species. SO2 is found to adsorb on Ru(0001) at 100 K molecularly in two variants as well as dissociatively and to react to SO3,(More)
The resilience of tropical corals to ocean acidification depends on their ability to regulate the pH within their calcifying fluid (pHcf). Recent work suggests pHcf homeostasis under short-term exposure to pCO2 conditions predicted for 2100, but it is still unclear if pHcf homeostasis can be maintained throughout a corals lifetime. At CO2 seeps in Papua New(More)
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