Andrew Fensome

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Progesterone receptor (PR) modulators have evolved both structurally and mechanistically over the past half-century. Classical steroidal PR agonists continue to play an important role in women's health such as in oral contraception and post-menopausal hormone therapy whereas steroid-based PR antagonists and selective PR modulators are being evaluated(More)
Structural modification of a virtual screening hit led to the identification of a new series of 4-[3-aryl-2,2-dioxido-2,1,3-benzothiadiazol-1(3H)-yl]-1-(methylamino)butan-2-ols which are potent and selective inhibitors of the norepinephrine transporter over both the serotonin and dopamine transporters. One representative compound S-17b (WYE-103231) had low(More)
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