Andrew Fenelon

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Advanced maternal age is associated with negative offspring health outcomes. This interpretation often relies on physiological processes related to aging, such as decreasing oocyte quality. We use a large, population-based sample of American adults to analyze how selection and lifespan overlap between generations influence the maternal age-offspring adult(More)
Tobacco use is the largest single cause of premature death in the developed world. Two methods of estimating the number of deaths attributable to smoking use mortality from lung cancer as an indicator of the damage from smoking. We re-estimate the coefficients of one of these, the Preston/Glei/Wilmoth model, using recent data from U.S. states. We calculate(More)
The corrosion susceptibility of Ti, Ti-6A1-4V and Ti-45Ni was studied in a buffered saline solution using anodic polarisation and electrochemical impedance measurements. Pitting potentials as low as + 250 mV(SCE) were recorded for Ti-45Ni and once initiated pits continued to propagate at potentials as low as -150 mV(SCE). It was possible to increase the(More)
OBJECTIVES Becoming widowed is a known risk factor for mortality. This article examines the magnitude of, explanations for, and variation in the association between widowhood and mortality. Previous research on widowhood mortality has revealed variation by socioeconomic status (SES), in that SES is not protective in widowhood, and by gender, such that men's(More)
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