Andrew Feldstein

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Recommendations for control of high blood pressure (BP) emphasize lifestyle modification, including weight loss, reduced sodium intake, increased physical activity, and limited alcohol consumption. The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) dietary pattern also lowers BP. The PREMIER randomized trial tested multicomponent lifestyle interventions on(More)
The Back Injury Prevention Project was a pilot study of "Back Attack," an educational program designed to prevent back injuries among nurses, nurses' aides, and orderlies. The pilot tested program feasibility, developed and tested instruments, and generated preliminary data measuring program effectiveness. Fifty-five nurses, aides, and orderlies on two(More)
INTRODUCTION The cost of work-related injury is large and is rising in many states. Managed care providers are being asked to assist with solutions, particularly in the area of facilitating return to work. Kaiser Permanente of the Northwest responded by developing the Kaiser on-the-job program, which includes processes to facilitate the primary, secondary,(More)
In this article, we describe the emergence of urban recycling as a new trade and discuss the new pattern of injuries among its practitioners. We conducted a retrospective chart review and convenience survey at an urban homeless health center. We found a high prevalence of severe, costly injuries, many of which are amenable to prevention. Lacerations,(More)
BACKGROUND Wide variations in disability duration and magnitude have been noted among recipients of workers' compensation for low back pain. Findings from recent studies have indicated that inclusion of a broad array of variables (i.e., physical, occupation, social, economic) is needed to understand differences in workers' responses to occupational low back(More)
This article reports the observation that proportionately more left-handed persons smoke than dextrals, and a greater proportion of left-handers than right-handers smoke 10 or more cigarettes daily, regardless of sex, race, stress of residence (or social class), and prior history of smoking. This association is especially strong among males and persons(More)
The Washington State Managed Care Pilot Project (MCP) tested the effects of experience-rated capitation on medical and disability costs, quality of care, worker satisfaction with medical care, and employer satisfaction in MCP-covered workers, compared with matched fee-for-service controls. In the MCP, medical costs were reduced by approximately 27%,(More)